In today’s industrialized world, our ancient healthy food practices are defeated by highly processed, unhealthy, ready to eat foods. When founder Shruthi Jain a new mom, struggled to find healthy food options for her own baby, she found her purpose: to re-introduce the traditional Indian foods for people at the most crucial stage of their lives – expecting mothers, breastfeeding mothers, infants and children who are beginning to develop their taste buds and also building their body that would frame a healthy life in future and also the grownups. We all have those mornings that are rushed and we do need to make something quick for breakfast. Most of the mothers always don’t have the time to make their quick health mixes at home, so we ensure that we make their work easy and make these health mixes in small batches to retain its freshness and quality

Who We Are

Easy eats has a wide range of wholesome organic meals for all ages, particularly babies. We use traditional Indian Food Science to create delightful combinations of choicest food grains, cereals and dry fruits which provide naturally enriched food. We have beautifully recreated grandma recipes that can meet the daily nutritional needs of children and adults.

We are a mom-founded premium naturally organic food company that envisions feed natural, fresh and chemical-free Nutritious food to our children.

Easy Eats | For Tiny Tums


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